Grayfriar Cairns - B.C., Canada
   Dadoole's Stables & Kennels - Prince Edward Island, Canada
   The Miniature Horse Association of PEI - Prince Edward Island, Canada
   Miniature Horse Association of Nova Scotia - N.S., Canada
   Wallace Miniatures - Nova Scotia, Canada
   Maple Miniatures - New Brunswick, Canada
   Shauney's Miniature Horses - Ontario, Canada
   Little Bit Stables & Sales - Stoutsville, Ohio
   L'il Beginnings Miniature Horses - Ontario, Canada
   Pearl Creek Farm - Ontario, Canada
   Cajun Farm Miniatures - Detroit, USA
   C & D's Little Steppers - Tennessee, USA
   Gore s Miniature Horses - South Carolina, USA
   Meadowind Miniatures - Manitoba, Canada
   Riding Mountain Miniatures - Manitoba, Canada
   Little Shadows Miniatures - Alberta, Canada
   Last Chance Miniatures - Ontario, Canada
   Briar Patch Miniatures - Missouri, USA
   Hale Farms Miniature Horses - Ontario, Canada
   Just For Kicks Miniatures - Ontario, Canada
   The Other Place - Ontario, Canada
   T Bar T Miniature Horse Farm - Texas, USA
   Little Shadows Miniatures - Alberta, Canada
   Canadian Neigh.com - Canada